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Wedding Philosophy

WELCOME to Pristine Photo L.L.C.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide a photojournalistic approach that is polite, unobtrusive, and will document the activities and emotions of your wedding day. It’s our opinion that a photojournalistic style allows us to best capture the personalities and spirit of you, the wedding party, and guests. We also include the traditional wedding party and family group shots that everyone has grown to love.

A wedding is a lifetime event like no other. We approach each wedding with the vision of capturing true emotions and our images will tell the story of your wedding day. We will be there photographing all of the activities that go into making your wedding day unique from before the ceremony to at least 10:00 p.m.

As your wedding day unfolds, our photographic needs will not overshadow or intrude on the natural flow of the day. Distractions with the wedding party are kept to a minimum. As we go about photographing your wedding day and interacting with people, it is done with the least amount of intrusion as possible. This day is about the wedding, not the wedding photographer.

When the day is done, what remains are memories and photographs. It’s our goal that when you view the wonderful photographs of your wedding, you’re reminded of the memories and emotions that you, your family, and friends experienced.

Tom and Brenda Yager

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